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Travel..Make Money- Host Airbnb

One common but still underused method of saving/earning hundreds of dollars is to place your home on Airbnb while you are away during your Medical Vacation. There is usually very little upkeep involved and if you are leaving an empty home, it is the best possible way to reduce the cost of your Medical Vacation.

Things you can do to get started:

Sign up for Airbnb today as a host. They will send out photographers and take flattering photos of your home, but not overnight, that is why you should get started as soon as possible. While you are doing research on your doctor/location it gives you a way to generate passive income while you are on your Medical Vacation. It does not happen overnight, but getting signed up today will make it much easier for you when you are ready to book your flight.

You heard horror stories? They are engrossing but also very rare and most often happens to hosts who are not paying attention to who they are hosting. You can review anyone that comes to your home and see what other hosts have thought of their stay, much easier than if you were renting. Your goal should not be to maximize earnings but someone who will give you peace of mind while you are away because you will most likely be either recuperating or enjoying your time. I recommend especially for first time Airbnb hosts is that you set your place under the market rate for your area and home. That will give you the most opportunity to choose who will be staying in your home. I recommend looking for people with existing reviews and are Airbnb hosts themselves ideally. Additionally, I try to stay away from younger guests (college aged) who might throw parties or ruin your home. If they are coming to your home for a music festival or anything that signals party, just stay away, peace of mind is worth it.

Also, find someone you trust who can clean up after the guest when they leave. You can usually find a one-time option on ​​Groupon, but I recommend you find someone in your area that can come in and clean up before you arrive back because you will most likely not be in the mood to clean while you are still recuperating. Reach out to your friends on Facebook to see if they trust anyone to clean your apartment while you are away.

It is a good idea to keep any valuables locked away while you are staying. Also, locking any rooms that are not necessary for your guests to have a good stay while you are away because it gives you peace of mind while also reducing your cleaning bill.

It is a painless and profitable way to make sure you get the possible deal during your Medical vacation and I highly recommend you start the process today to be ready when you go on your Medical trip.