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Make money during your Travel- Credit Cards

One of the easiest ways you can earn hundreds of extra dollars during your journey is to open one or more credit cards that have a bonus attached based on amount of spending in your first few months.

It is known as “churning” and involves opening a credit card or two where spending $1,000 or $3,000 within three months can yield a $500 bonus or more depending on the card. While credit card debt is one of the worst ways to be in debt, “churning” is one of the best and easiest ways for you to make money during your Medical Travel. 

Naturally, if you have better credit the more likely you would be able to qualify for a better card with a better initial sign-up bonus. However, unless you have particularly poor credit, you should be able to qualify for one or two cards that contain a bonus for spending within the first three months. 

What the best cards are for bonuses change month to month, however here are my favorite sites for finding an appropriate credit card.


Two things to remember:

Many of these cards carry an annual fee. Paying an annual fee is not in any of our interests and certainly does not help you make money. Be sure when you sign up to add a notification into your phone/calendar about a month before your year is up to cancel the card. Do not apply for a card in which you have to pay the fee upfront, only after one year.

Second, make sure you pay off the balance. In some cases, carrying a balance will negate the spending bonus. So once the bill comes due, just make sure you set your account to auto-pay your credit card in full. 

​I mentioned during my Grabr post, using Grabr with your new credit card is a great way in which you can achieve your early three/six month spending threshold. While you are shopping for electronics equipment for people in your destination country, use the credit cards you just received to achieve your targeted spending threshold. In addition to Grabr, you can use your credit card on your airfare,hotel, and possibly your Medical Treatment assuming the destination Doctor accepts credit cards. 

I hope presenting this option helps you make Medical Travel even more affordable and less daunting. If you thought this information was helpful, come by our Youtube channel, where we give away more valuable information for your medical journey.

Travel..Make Money- Grabr

I want to share one more way to make extra money while you are traveling to your Medical destination. 

​We are pretty fortunate to live in a time when you can shop at Midnight, and have your items delivered within two days. Furthermore, Americans are pretty fortunate that the goods we buy are generally taxed at lower rates than in other countries and are therefore much cheaper. 

People in your destination country have to pay a much higher tax on goods, especially luxury goods and electronics. What Grabr does is connect buyers in your destination country with you, so that you deliver items while on your Medical Trip and make a lot of extra easy money. 

First, you enter your trip details (date, destination) and you will be matched with buyers in foreign destinations who are where you are already heading. Second, you will see what buyers are looking for and how much they are willing to pay for delivering certain items. Third, you go purchase the item from Amazon ( or anywhere else) and figure out a time to deliver the item when you leave, most likely they will meet you at your hotel to accept the good and you can both each go your separate ways. 

The first thing I am sure you might think, is what happens if I buy the item and then they disappear? The buyer first pays and the money goes into an escrow account which is distributed when you deliver the good so you are not taking any risk in purchasing an item you do not want. It would still be recommended to take a photo of you handing off the item to your buyer so you have some documented proof that you did what you were required. 

Grabr is perfect for Medical Tourists who are traveling to high luxury tax destinations such as Brazil, Russia, and Argentina where you can make a high margin for small electronics goods that are in your luggage. For example, an Ipad in Brazil may be twice as expensive as it would be in the United States. You can make over $300 just for bringing an Iphone to Brazil during your Medical Trip!

As of this post, Grabr is offering an additional $100  if you bring 10 items to your destination. If you are traveling with your partner/care-giver and bring smaller items especially electronics, you should be able to easily bring 10 items during your Medical Trip and make an extra $500.

The next post will show you how you can make even more money while Traveling especially if you have good credit.