About Athavion Global Health Partners:

Athavion Global Health Partners is your Agent for seeking options for Cosmetic surgery internationally. It can be daunting knowing the quality of care you will receive whether at home or when you travel and our aim is to make your Medical Vacation as smooth and safe as possible. We not only help assist you find the right doctor/surgical team according to your comfort and procedure, but also organize the trip so your experience is as stress-free as possible. 

So what is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is a new concept for some, but it has been going on for a long long time. It goes both ways in fact, there are many people who do come to the United States for Medical Tourism especially for treatment of rare diseases.  Unfortunately, the United States Health Care system is extremely expensive for most procedures for various reasons. Many cosmetic surgeries are much less expensive in foreign countries and with even better results. In fact, much of the innovation in cosmetic surgery has taken place in other countries. Have you heard of the Minnesota Butt Lift or the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Message from James Galvin, Founder of Athavion Global Health Partners:

Hello I am the founder of Athavion Global Health Partners and I stand this company and all of its content. If you sign up for the newsletter, watch the Youtube Channel, or read our blog you are guaranteed to hear something I said or read something I have written. One thing that has always bothered me about the health care industry is how sterile and impersonal the experience can be and I want to change that.