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While I would not be a good candidate for most of the cosmetic surgery options available, I did try Grabr and I wanted to share my experience with you especially since I am recommending it as a great way to subsidize the cost of your overseas Medical Tourism cost. 

In case you did not see my original post regarding Grabr, you can read it here.

I recently went to Europe and I arranged to deliver a VR helmet to a European buyer in Austria who wanted a product that was only available in South Korea and the US. I told him when I was going, and offered to bring the good for $50 and and that it retailed for 399 along with a little bit in cash for sales tax. I purchased the product via Amazon and had it delivered within two days without any issues. We communicated which hotel I was staying, when my flight arrived, and when he could come by to pick it up. When the time came, he showed up, inspected the item, and within the Grabr app marked the item as delivered. 

​What you will notice about this story is about how incredibly undramatic the whole event was and how easy it is to execute. I travel quite lightly, and bringing an extra item was really no problem at all and made it possible for me to go shopping later in my trip so that I don’t worry if I have the extra room in my luggage . Did it make me rich? well no. However, I did want to show you how easy the experience was and if you are going to an international destination, that it is an easy way for you to make some extra money and ensuring you have the room in your luggage to bring back some souvenirs.

I can highly recommend Grabr as a way to help subsidize your Medical Travel because it is so easy to manage. 

With this link, if you bring 10 items you can earn an extra $100 on top of your fees. 

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