What is the Cinderella Token and how does it reward you?

Cinderella Token is a way we reward you directly for using our service and mentioning us. Think of Cinderella Token like you would a gift card balance, frequent flyer points, or credit card rewards points, but BETTER. 

Why is it better?

Unlike gift cards, frequent flyer points, or credit cards rewards points, you can freely convert Cinderella Token (your unused points) to your friends or sell on the open market for Bitcoin,Dollars, or any other asset available. Instead of locking you in to a platform like the other loyalty programs, we would rather give you the choice on how to  spend your own assets. 

Also, you can earn Cinderella Tokens in various ways other than spending. You can earn free tokens from us to use towards your Medical Trip by reading our newsletter, letting others know about us, and giveaways we sponsor from time to time!

Instead of spending our advertising budget on Facebook, Google, or any other platform to convince you to try us, we would much rather reward you directly for your support and your time.

Interested? See below for how to get started!

Cinderella Token- Athavion Global Health Partners

1. Tokens may be redeemed at a rate of $1 per 100 tokens.

2. Tokens may be redeemed only before commencement of Medical Travel.

3. Cinderella Tokens may not be redeemed for Airfare or Hotel expenditures. Tokens may only be redeemed for costs directly associated with your medical procedure. 

4. Cinderella Token Value is determined by its redemption value not prevailing market price.

How to acquire Cinderella Tokens

1a. Cinderella Tokens may be acquired by helping promote Medical Tourism and Athavion Global Health Partners. These include but are not limited to:

  • Providing Testimonials from your experience with us
  • Responding within our Newsletter to specific giveaways
  • Using Recommended Services
  • Referrals
  • Giveaways and Contests

An updated schedule of how many tokens you receive can be found here

1b. Cinderella Tokens may be purchased from the Waves Exchange within Waveswallet.io. If you have questions for how to go about purchasing Cinderella Tokens at the Exchange, please see this Video

2. Let us know your address for creating and storing your Cinderella Token. 

How to redeem your Cinderellas

Congratulations, time to harvest your Cinderella Tokens into cash that you can use for your Medical Vacation.

1. Within your WavesWallet account, Click on the 2nd Tab, Portfolio.

2. Click on Transfer, next to your Cinderella account.

3a. Transfer your Tokens to the address: athavionghp

Note: use all lower case letters for the address.

Note: you will need at least .001 Waves to in order to complete the transaction.  

3b. Include in the attachment your name, so we know who to credit the Cinderella tokens to.

How to exchange Cinderella Tokens for other Assets

You may wish instead to exchange your Cinderella Tokens for something other than Cosmetic Surgery. Within the exchange, you can exchange your Cosmetic Surgery Tokens for Waves, Bitcoin, or even dollars instead of redeeming with us. Here is how to do that:

1. Within your WavesWallet, go to the Decentralized Exchange.

2. In the upper right box: Copy/Paste  the following Identifier- This is the unique ID of the Cinderella Token


Terms and Conditions

Use of this Token constitutes acceptance of the Cinderella Token terms and conditions.  This Token ("Cinderella")  is issued by and represents an obligation solely of Athavion Global Partners Inc. (“Athavion”). (1) Cinderella Token is not redeemable for cash. (2) We can't replace the value of the Token if it's lost or stolen. (3) Cinderella Token does not expire; (4) This Cinderella Token deemed purchase from and issued in the State of Illinois; (5) Risk of loss and title to the Cinderella Token passes to the token owner (6) Token balance may not be transferred to a physical gift card;