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​Are you building up funds for your cosmetic surgery? Not everyone has great credit, but I want to share another way to achieve your dreams without accruing debt. If you are deciding to build up your surgery/medical vacation fund, I highly recommend looking into “churning”  bank accounts to build up your surgery fund.

Similar to utilizing the credit card bonus, banks want your business and are willing to give you money to open accounts with them, sometimes they will offer you more than the amount you deposit. Often, you will have to deposit $500 or more per account to receive the sign-up bonus, so you will need to have some money to start, but it is highly beneficial for the woman who is looking to generate extra income for their goals. 

My favorite site that helps you decide by state what is available is

There they show you what is available nationally as well as what banks in your state are offering bonuses that you can take advantage of. 

Very often, at the end of Fiscal Quarters(3/31,6/31,9/31,12/31), banks will offer deadlines on their bonuses to improve their new account sign ups to show off to their investors their quarterly growth. So if you are looking for the best possible bonuses, taking a look during this time will be your peak opportunity for bonus hunting. 

Here is the catch, some banks will ask you to start a direct deposit agreement which can be tedious to unwind and set up with your employer. However, you can often ask a loved one to send you ACH payments in place of the direct deposit so that you receive your bonus, because there is no difference between an ACH from an employer and another person. However,  it is easier to avoid bank accounts that require you sign up for direct deposits to qualify for their offer. 

After you sign up, you want to make sure that you received the bonus and that if you close the account within a specified time that they do not cancel your bonus. Usually if you close your account and reap your bonus, you are safe after a period of six months to close your account and return your balance along with your surgery bonus to your main account. 

If you are looking to afford cosmetic surgery and avoid debt as much as possible this is just one extra avenue for you to help achieve your goals. 

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