Utilizing one of your best assets… cash

If you are choosing a surgeon , there is usually a large gulf of education between the provider and patient which can be very intimidating for some women. While it is true, that your doctor does understand much more about the process you have one advantage during the selection process, your money. You have it, they want it, and you should not give it up until you feel comfortable.

A trick perpetrated early in the sales process by many cosmetic surgeons is “Are you a candidate?” Ultimately, this question is meant to destabilize your decision making skills because you have to “prove” to them that you are worthy of paying them what they want. Could you imagine a contractor saying “Are you a candidate to have your windows installed? Are you a candidate to get a new washer dryer?” Even bankers don’t usually start with “are you a candidate for our loans?” When you see this question, prepare yourself.

Even though you may click on that link or make the phone call, understand that this is a process you may not be entirely familiar with and the first time you do anything you are unlikely to be very successful. However, for them this is a well choreographed dance to get you to spend money with them, so I urge you to be prepared. There may be specific medical risks that have to be addressed, such as high blood pressure or smoking, which could affect the likelihood of a successful procedure but go into your appointment with a clear idea of what you want to pay and that as long as you are the customer you have options and should be aware of them. While it is important to be more informed than combative,  do not allow yourself to become confused during the initial consultation process.  

Additionally, if you need to receive a medical loan, you are at an even psychologically weaker decision making space. It is much more important to go into your initial appointment with options that you can afford so you are not so dependent on even more third-party approval so you can take action with your own life.

If you are preparing to sit down for a consultation with a plastic surgeon, be sure to take into account exactly how much money you are willing to spend for your surgery, what questions you want to have answered about the procedure, and specific questions about why this cosmetic surgeon is the best surgeon for you and this procedure. I hope this helps makes you a better prepared healthy and conscientious patient. 

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